Terms and Conditions

Avalon Bars & Events Ltd / Bar Live

Terms and conditions for online recruitment and privacy policy


Avalon Bars & Events Ltd is a company registered in the UK, registered number 07069733 and whose registered address is 5 Richardson Walk, Colchester, Essex CO3 4AJ. Avalon Bars & Events Ltd is also hereafter referred to as “Avalon” or “Avalon Bars”. Avalon Bars & Events also uses the trading name “Bar Live”.

Avalon Bars & Events provides bar services to festivals and events throughout the UK and uses this online service to allow you to register your interest and submit your application(s) to work for us as bar staff at one or more of these events. Avalon Bars provides bar services only to Glastonbury Festival. Avalon Bars and Events trades as Bar Live to provide bar services to other events.

We use the PAAM online event staff and volunteer recruitment and management software app to manage and recruit staff and volunteers. By registering your interest and/or submitting your work application[s] to any of the events that Avalon Bars / Bar Live provide bar services to, you are agreeing to the following –

- To have your personal and contact details added to the Avalon Bars & Events mailing database and Avalon Bars / Bar Live database in order to be notified of, and to apply for employment by us at these events. Your details will never be sold, shared or passed on to any third party (unless required by law) or used for any purpose other than that which relates to your employment with Avalon Bars. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here https://barlive.co.uk/privacy-policy-2/

- By registering and/or submitting an application you are agreeing that any references you may be asked to supply can be checked

- By registering and/or submitting an application you are agreeing that your details may be passed to the police for a Police National Computer and/or a Criminal Records Bureau check to be carried out

- You are confirming that you have a right to work in the UK and that you will provide proof of such entitlement from the list of valid proof as defined by the UK Borders Agency

- That any photographs we may take of you working in our bars during operating hours at events can be used for promotional purposes

- That you will abide by the terms and conditions set out here and adhere to any rules set out in any documentation we may send you with regard to role descriptions, rules for employment and codes of conduct. These documents will set out what is expected of you while working for Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live and that you agree to read and adhere to these.

- That employment offered to you by Avalon Bars & Events /Bar Live is as a worker or self-employed person rather than an employee, and you are employed in a casual and/or occasional capacity. All work is under a fixed term temporary employment contract. As such, Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live are under no obligation to offer you work, and you are under no obligation to accept it.

Failure on your part to comply with
- the terms and conditions of employment offered to you
- Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live house rules;
- Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live rules of employment;
- Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live code of conduct;
- any role or event specific rules, policies or procedures sent to you by us before you start a role;
- site rules, policies or procedures as set by the Festival Organiser

can and may result in your removal from site, forfeiture of remuneration, your event wristband being removed and removal from our database and will also not be able to apply to any of our other vacancies in the future.

Right to work
You must be able to prove you have the right to work or volunteer in the UK before you start work with us by providing documentation from the list of valid proof produced by the UK Border Agency. You must produce original documents to us to be checked which may mean you have to bring them with you to the event site. We are required to keep a copy of the documentation you produce to prove your right to work so you must upload a clear, legible scanned copy to the appropriate section on this application portal. By law we keep a copy of this documentation for a period of two years after your employment with us ends. Documents will be stored securely during this period and then responsibly destroyed.

The length of shifts and hours will vary for each role and event and will be confirmed to you when your successful application to a role is confirmed.

You will be asked to arrive with enough time to be able to sign in and be issued with a wristband. This time is not counted as part of your allocated shift.

Shift start time, finish time and length are subject to change, and this may be out of our control in instances where we are directed by festival organisers to change the hours or operating nature of the bars.

If, in circumstances beyond of our control and we are instructed for example to close a bar, or are prevented from opening a bar you may be moved to a different bar, or may be required to finish early.

Working Conditions / Health and Safety
It is important to remember that for most of our events you will be working outdoors in a greenfield site. This means that working conditions and overall conditions can vary and can be directly affected by the weather. Outside of our bars the ground conditions may be muddy and slippery, and it is of the utmost importance that you bring suitable clothing and footwear for conditions that may be wet and cold, and you may be working late and on your feet for a long period of time.
If you have medical conditions that you think may be affected by working outdoors then you must inform us by contacting us on staffing@avalonevents.co.uk.

If, in circumstances beyond our control, such as the event or festival not taking place, or we are not required to provide bar services at the event we are under no obligation to make any remuneration to you, and our temporary contract with you is cancelled.

Workers will be added to our payroll system and paid via PAYE. It is your responsibility to make sure that the details you provide to us are correct for the purposes of processing and payment.

If you are self-employed you must send an invoice. Please ensure all details on the invoice are correct for the purposes of processing and payment. Your invoice must include a date, invoice number, details for payment and your Unique Tax Reference number.

You MUST ensure you sign in and out at the beginning and end of your shift. Without this we will be unable to confirm that you completed your shift and you may not be paid.

For some of our events we may ask you for a deposit. If you already have a successful history of working with us you may not need to pay a deposit. If you do pay a deposit it will be withheld in the following circumstances –

You abscond from your shift(s) or fail to attend. This includes multi-day events where you may work the first day but fail to attend your shifts on remaining days of the event.

You breach any of these Terms and Conditions or any of the accepted behaviours and responsibilities, rules or codes of conduct, including any of the site rules as defined by the event organiser.

Travel, Accommodation and Food
You are responsible for your own travel, accommodation and meal arrangements and expenses, unless otherwise stated.

If the event is a camping festival, you must camp in the area allocated to us by the promoter. You will need to bring your own camping equipment as we cannot provide this for you.

T-shirts will be provided for you. Please do not modify, cut or remove sleeves from the t-shirts provided.

You must make sure that your footwear is appropriate for the conditions on site. You will be standing for long periods of time so please make sure that you know your footwear is comfortable and suitable if conditions become muddy.

Cellar staff are required to wear sturdy shoes with steel toe caps. You will not be allowed to work without them.

Code of Conduct
After your application has been accepted and your place has been confirmed you will be sent role/event specific rules along with job descriptions before the event. This documentation will cover any role and event specific details you will need to know, what is expected of you and the rules of working for that event.

In addition to any such documentation you will receive, any of the following will be treated as a breach of the Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live terms and conditions:

Theft of money, stock or equipment -
Theft of stock includes, but is not limited to:
- taking and drinking any of the stock that is for sale in the bar. There are soft drinks, tea and coffee provided for staff in the welfare area
- taking and giving away any of the stock that is for sale in the bar. This also includes, but is not limited to, giving away drinks in exchange for something else, for example food from vendors, and also giving the customer multiples of drinks or spirits and only charging money for single items

Theft of money includes, but is not limited to:
- takings, float, or any money given by the customer as tips

Theft of equipment includes, but is not limited to:
- Any bar equipment such as pourers, jiggers, ice tongs, optics, bar blades, ice buckets etc or any other bar tools or equipment

Avalon Bars & Events / Bar Live reserves the right to conduct random searches whether you are on or off shift.

It is expressly forbidden to use drugs or consume alcohol on shift or immediately prior to starting your shift. Anyone found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol immediately prior to their shift or on shift will be stood down

Failure to attend
The pass you are given to the event is to enable you to work. It has a monetary value. If you abscond or fail to show for your shift on subsequent days for multi day events we may recover the value of the pass from any remuneration owed to you from shifts you may have completed. In addition to this, you will be removed from our database and will not be able to apply to any future events.